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    Here is an example shorter guest post post by Aryeh Kahn- a blogger with depression and anxiety

Here he talks about stigma and lack of rights in UK society when at work .

I think perhaps the hardest thing for us mental illness sufferers is this cruel obligation and expectation society places upon us to work even when we’re quite ill. And that even when we’re too ill to gain or hold down the nice jobs but can only in the normal main labour market gain low paid jobs that tend to be treated badly by society. There’s the indignities of it but worse if the job involves being bullied and so on that can worsen our illnesses. And these are illnesses that if they were purely physical would be regarded much more seriously by the mentally well.

For example, unless depression involves the most serious complications it isn’t taken at all seriously by the mentally well except to discriminate against the more ill periods on a CV when one couldn’t work. We didn’t choose to be mentally ill. We didn’t choose to have these health problems. And yet we’re treated as if we did and denied the comfortable dignified lives society could give us.

I think it will be so very much better when we have Universal Basic Income. Then if we can work we work, and work without anxiety. Perhaps if we are unable to suddenly work due to illness we won’t be penalised for it by being cruelly denied benefits. Instead, there’s a safety net. The anxieties of daily life are greatly greatly lessened. I think Universal Basic Income will cause a massive revolution for mental health, greatly helping a lot of people with mental illnesses to become relatively better.