‘The darkest nights have the prettiest constellations’- Dani Sylvia

This blog was started by Eleanor Segall. a young woman in the UK who has lived with bipolar disorder for 14 years as well as an anxiety disorder. Diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder (a mood disorder) at 16, and now aged 30, I blog about what has helped me in recovery and am here to help others.

Be Ur Own Light was started in March 2016 to raise awareness to friends and family of what life is like living with these conditions and to emphasise how, however difficult you can go on to live a happy and fulfilling life. I write to combat stigma against mental illness and increase understanding of mental health conditions.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts and positive comments and any questions are always welcomed. You can contact me via the Contact page, email or tweet me @EleanorSegall and @beurownlight. I am also on Instagram @beurownlightblog.

We were a shortlisted Finalist in the Health and Social Care Individual Category of the UK Blog Awards 2018!

For more Blog posts, you can see my posts about life with Bipolar and Anxiety for Rethink Mental Illness, Time to Change, Mind, No Panic, Bipolar UK, STOP Suicide, Self Harm UK, SANE, Judith Trust, ISMA and further collaborations with Metro.co.uk, Glamour Magazine (UK), Cosmopolitan Magazine, Huffington Post UK, Happiful Magazine and happiful.com, Trigger Publishing, Brighton Wellness Centre, Counsellors Cafe Magazine, The Counselling Directory, The Jewish News, Equilibrium Magazine, Phobia Support Forum, World Union of Jewish Students, The Monologues Project, Refinery 29 and Anxiously Active Blog.

In March 2018, I was quoted in Cosmopolitan Magazine UK and Elle Magazine UK in an article by Olivia Blair on anti depressants. In April 2018, I was quoted about bipolar in an article by the same author on Mariah Carey, bipolar disorder and what it means re mental health stigma. The articles were featured across Hearst Publications and on Yahoo News online.

See the articles tab to read more!

I provides my story on request to companies. AND Digital used my story for an anxiety education session for staff in London, UK in March 2018.

I also talk about mental health on radio and as a speaker.

Thanks for stopping by-

We believe in hope, healing, talking and recovery.

You are not Alone.



23 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with the world! Now write a book about it. A great way to leave behind as a “Legacy” so you can continue to help others have hope with living with mental health when you are long gone. I did, and I shared both my addiction and recovery and my living with mental illness. We are caring and productive people 🙂

    Author & Columnist at In Recovery Magazine,
    Catherine Lyon XO

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  2. Your entire blog is awesome. It is one of the very best out there. I love it. I am very impressed with your blog, so I nominated you for “The Sunshine Blogger Award.” I hope you will accept and participate, because I would love to learn more about you. Plus, you deserve great praise for your writing and words and deserve to have many sunny, bright, happy, joyful and blessed days. Love, hugs and many blessings always, Sue. Here is the link to the “The Sunshine Blogger Award” post… https://wordpress.com/post/myloudbipolarwhispers.com/87421

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  3. Thank you for sharing your story on here Eleanor, and thank you for following my blog. I really think mental illness is not talked about enough in general and that platforms like blogs can really help others who are struggling as well as helping myself to feel better. Wish you the best and look after yourself xx

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