Articles for Mental Health Charities/ Blogs

Eleanor, the author of Be Ur Own Light is a Huffington Post UK Blogger.

You can also read more articles under pseudonyms at:

Time to Change UK

‘There should be no shame in experiencing psychosis’

‘I cannot imagine having bipolar without a support network’

Rethink Mental Illness (UK)

‘Drawing my sanity: Art Therapy during hospitalisation’

‘Surviving Depression and Suicidal thoughts’

‘Being Jewish and Bipolar’

Bipolar UK
‘What having Bipolar means for me’

The Counsellors Cafe

‘I will get there: on social anxiety’

Self Harm UK

‘I don’t want to hide anymore: on stigma’

‘An Amazing Care Coordinator: on anxiety’

The Monologues Project

‘People don’t always understand’- Part of the Show and Tell season: an interview about life with mental illness/my life.