Note: All media articles about Bring me to Light, Eleanor’s debut book are under the Book tab. The rest here are other articles written about mental health:

Eleanor, the author of Be Ur Own Light is

A Lifestyle blogger for , find all articles here

Eleanor also writes for Happiful Magazine and February 2018 Issue- my True story with Bipolar


Happiful Hack- Tips to Relieve Social Anxiety (March 2018 Happiful Magazine issue):

Happiful Hack: A Guide to Bipolar Disorder (December 2018 issue)


Best For You NHS- my story about bipolar :

Podcast interview with Penny Power OBE and Thomas Power from Business is Personal:


Interview with Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP on Mental Health Matters at Riverside radio:

Podcast interview with Dan Rosenberg at Sod’s Law podcast:

Pre 2020

Living with Bipolar 1 Disorder: Article for Centre for Mental Health (March 2019) :

Jewish News:

(January 2019): #MyDepressionMeans : How my hashtag inspired others fighting depression:

(October 2018)- Put Our Community’s Emotional Health First:

Glamour UK Magazine:

Being a curvy bride (September 2018):

‘Dating with a Mental Illness’ (March 2018):

Podcast Interview on undiagnosed mental illness (September 2018) Listen here:

Featured in Cosmopolitan UK online by Olivia Blair on anti depressants:

and in May 2018 on an article about Bipolar disorder and misconceptions:

These articles were also featured in Elle Magazine, Prima, and across Hearst Publications

Featured in Refinery 29 about reverse seasonal affective disorder and depression (April 2018)

Interview by Sarah Cardwell (August 2018)

She has also written under her real name for:

Aish Perspectives Magazine (November 2018): On Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks and tips to help

Lagom Mind:  ‘Life with Bipolar Disorder’ (September 2018):

Aish Perspectives Magazine (August 2018): ‘Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts: My Experience of Depression and Bipolar’

Trigger publishing : ‘Writing is Therapy- my Journey with bipolar from illness to recovery

No Panic Charity : ‘Living with Social Anxiety’ (February 2018):

The Jewish News ‘ Time to Talk: I hope my story can help others feel less alone’ (February 2018):

STOP Suicide Cam- ‘Its #TimetoTalk Suicide’- for Time to Talk Day (January/Feb 2018)

Mind Charity- ‘Bipolar Disorder: What I wish someone had told me’ (December 2017)

Equilibrium Magazine- ‘Raising our Voices: On Stigma and Bipolar Disorder’ (November 2017)

World Union of Jewish Students- ‘Looking after Mental Health as a Student and Beyond’ (for World Mental Health Day 2017)

Counselling Directory  ‘Living with Bipolar Disorder’

Counsellors Cafe  ‘Top Tips from my Self Care Journey’

Rethink Mental Illness  ‘Chanukah, Christmas and my Anxiety’

Brighton Wellness Centre :

On Self confidence: Being your true, authentic self  (September 2017)

5 top tips to having a better sleep

Does skunk cannabis cause psychosis?

Beating seasonal effective disorder: setting small goals to relieve January blues

The Importance of talking through therapy and support networks

Reactions to illness stigma: living with others judgement

Changing habitual behaviour for a happier life: anxiety disorders

Mental Health New Years Resolutions

Bossing It! Academy

You can read more articles under pseudonyms, written by me at:

Time to Change UK

‘There should be no shame in experiencing psychosis’

‘I cannot imagine having bipolar without a support network’

Rethink Mental Illness (UK)

‘Drawing my sanity: Art Therapy during hospitalisation’

‘Surviving Depression and Suicidal thoughts’

‘Being Jewish and Bipolar’

Bipolar UK

‘What having Bipolar means for me’

The Counsellors Cafe

‘I will get there: on social anxiety’

Self Harm UK

‘I don’t want to hide anymore: on stigma’

‘An Amazing Care Coordinator: on anxiety’

The Monologues Project

‘People don’t always understand’- Part of the Show and Tell season: an interview about life with mental illness/my life.