Jami Charity See Mental Health Campaign: 36 Hours to Raise £1 Million

(image: Jami)

My dad Mike and I have been fundraising in the past day for a cause which is close to our heart. Jami mental health charity serves our community, the Jewish community here in the UK and beyond.

We have been asking people to donate to Jami’s match funded campaign to raise £1 million to support existing services and also to pilot a new service for secondary school age children. Referrals during the pandemic have risen and mental health support is much needed for under 18’s too.

We are fundraising because we ourselves have been affected by mental health (bipolar disorder) in our family. I was diagnosed at just 16 and had good NHS care in hospital but at the time, there was little support in the Jewish community available for me as a child. Mike was diagnosed at 44, a few years before me, and was thankfully helped to recovery.

We are both great supporters of Jami’s work (I am a Jami volunteer and we have both spoken at the mental health shabbat) and we believe this service will be vital for caring for secondary school children. Services are stretched and children are put on long waiting lists.. this is where Jami would come in to support a child and their family.

Today,, the campaign hit over its £1 million pound target and it is just incredible to see our community funding (badly needed) mental health support ! Its been wonderful to play a small part in this campaign- we have hit over £2000 of funding on our page!

This is so very close to our hearts due to our experiences and those in our community who are struggling. We want to raise as much as we can to support this service- every pound you donate will be doubled so please give as generously as you can. Thank you so much!

Please donate here, we so appreciate it : https://www.charityextra.com/jami/151