Determination and Blind Panic…:)

Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote here. I decided to give myself a break from blogging just to reflect.

The aforementioned job interview happened last week. I actually thought it had gone pretty badly, due to the fact the interview was very short and my interviewer didn’t give much away. So much so, that in what only can be described as a mix of determination and blind panic, I spent the following day sending out my CV, talking to recruiters, applying for volunteering posts and pretty much worrying myself to death about life and the fact I may not have a job or career I wanted from September.

Luckily,  my lovely friend Katie came to visit so we chatted for hours about life and everything in  between which made me feel so much better! Then, I went to sleep, still having not heard back from my interview and still feeling like I was in limbo and so far away from being where I actually wanted. I had spent the day checking and re checking my emails, looking for other opportunities and essentially being a worry wart.

Friday morning, I had breakfast and then got a call from the school. Who told me…. they wanted to offer me the part time job with early years children that I so wanted! I think I was in shock for the majority of the day.

But yes, due to a combination of determination, panic, nerves, various taxi rides to schools and an interview in 30 degree heat on the hottest day of the year- I got there in the end and will start at my new school in September. *wipes brow*

Still can’t quite believe it but there you go. Exciting developments ahead I hope…..

In other news, I have been catching up with and seeing friends and looking forward to my holidays in August. I will hopefully also have a blog published by a mental health charity and will post it when it is up.

Thank you again for reading my musings and for the support.

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