Being Inspired

I can now confirm that I was offered the job I went for and will be starting at the end of the month :)!. It was such an overwhelming feeling on Tuesday when I heard a few hours after the interview- shock, happiness, overwhelmed, stressed (in a good way). I had just been through such a tough experience that to be offered a job that suited me in another school made me feel over the moon and i am so so grateful!

I have to say, I did cry when I heard the news- happy tears and hoping it is the right place for me.

I am feeling so inspired today by my friend, Jonny Benjamin, who is a mental health campaigner and wonderful human being. I have known Jonny since we were teenagers (before either of us knew about each others mental health issues). To see him campaign and break down stigma that even today I feel, is the most inspiring part of all.  He gives a voice to those of us who feel we can’t openly speak about it. However, the more we who go through severe mental illness, talk about it, about the fact you can get better, about the fact you can live a fulfilling life….the quicker stigma may fall.

Additionally, I am extremely lucky to have an incredible support network in my family and friends. I also have support from a wonderful care coordinator (who trained as a psychiatric nurse)- she talks to me about anything I am concerned about and we have a really good rapport. My psychiatrist is also very calming and helpful.

I will be writing more posts about what it is like to live with mental ill health. Lots of love x

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