New job start and more about Bipolar

Today I found out that instead of starting work in two weeks, I start at the end of this week! This is exciting if a little nerve wracking. However, my colleagues so far seem very kind and I think will be extremely supportive of me.

I had a lovely weekend and was able to socialise and go out for lunch with my family, as well as see my best friends.

I am also now fundraising for Jami (Jewish Association of Mental Illness) by selling my old books which makes me feel very positive and excited-I hope I am able to make an impact!

Thank god at the moment, my main mood stabiliser, Lithium carbonate, is holding me really well and my moods are stable, no longer fluctuating between depression or mania. I am so grateful as my illness can be very acute when  my medicines don’t work.

Today I am looking to the future and starting in my new job role, seeing friends, planning holidays and looking forward to festivals coming up. Purim is around the corner and I am so excited for it.

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