I am blogging today as I type I can feel the adrenaline pouring through my veins! Im very anxious, anticipatory anxiety as I start my new job role tomorrow. As exciting as this is, it also is flooding me with anxious thoughts and emotions and not to the mention the adrenaline making me want to run away.

However, I must rationalise this and work with it- I am used to feeling this nervous and I just have to ride it out. Ahh, not easy but hey!

I was meant to go to the theatre today with a lovely friend of mine but cancelled as was feeling so nervous. She is extremely understanding but it is not fun having panic attacks, however minor.

I feel very on edge but I am going to read and be quiet and distract my mind. I will prepare my outfit for tomorrow and everything I need, documents etc and I hope everyone will be kind. I find new environments and change quite challenging. So I hope that people are friendly and I am only staying for the morning tomorrow anyway.

I am going to keep up with the deep breathing and relaxation today, as well as having a warm bath and preparing my bag. I want to have a proper winding down session for sleep.

Speaking to my counsellor today helped a great deal. She is a big source of courage and hope and inspiration to me and I sincerely hope that I can make her and my family proud of me.

I can do this, I just have to pace myself and remember nothing bad will happen. Life with anxiety eh?

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