Life Update: Weight Gain, Lithium and more.

I started my new job at the end of last week. It looks like it will be challenging but rewarding and everyone was really friendly and helpful. However, it is a little daunting and this morning I am a little bit nervous so I thought I would come here and blog.

There have also been a few issues dominating my life lately. One of which is weight gain on the medications I am on. In the past few years I have put on 3 stone- this was largely due to cravings caused by the meds, comfort eating and just not eating sensibly. I have never had to go on a proper diet and exercise regime (last time this happened I was 16 and the weight just fell off me…oh, teenage metabolism).. but now it is becoming evident that I will need to. This is not just for vanity, I don’t want to be at risk of diabetes (which runs in my family) or heart disease or any other physical illnesses associated to weight gain. I am tall so I can half hide it but I need to really get on a good, healthy nutrition plan. My problem: I love pasta, cheese, orange juice and chocolate. Aka- all the things I shouldn’t eat (or eat in moderation).

I have accepted that weight gain is a part of being on Lithium and anti psychotics/ anti depressants in general but it doesn’t make it easy. Luckily, I have people to talk to about what to do and now I must make meal plans and really stick to it.

I have been feeling thankful for everything recently. Yes sometimes weight related issues or comments make me feel depressed and trigger depressive thinking, but I am able to work through it. My new job is very helpful as well in terms of keeping me busy and doing something I love doing.

So its not all bad…!

Today is my best friends birthday so going to celebrate with her after work. Should be lovely to see new and old faces.

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