Meditation and more.

I have always found that blogging is incredibly therapeutic when I go through difficult patches with my health.

Last night, before bed, I tried a 10 minute meditation on the Headspace App. They give you a free 10 day meditation programme and I thought that I have nothing to lose by trying it.
It was so relaxing and helpful, encouraging deep breathing and self and bodily awareness, so I will do another one tonight and see how it goes.

The other day my sister described me as ‘high achieving’. What does this mean? Well, even despite my mental health difficulties I try my hardest to live a meaningful and fulfilling life and I always want to be successful in my career and life. So, even the day after I resigned from my job, I have been looking online to see what is out there. I need something less demanding and I also need some space to learn to manage my anxiety symptoms but I know I will get there, it will just take me time to find what works for me.

Had times today when I felt quite down but been picking myself up. Hopefully, I will move forward again and into a better place. Am going to stay with my Dad next week so I am sure that will help to have a change of scenery.

‘The Only thing constant in the world is change’.- India Arie.

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