A new week.

I am once again in limbo in terms of my health and career. Thank g-d, I am not severely depressed but I do at times have heightened anxiety and panic attacks, which disrupted me getting back to work again, and I had to quit after only 2 months. I really did not want to leave my job but felt that I almost had no choice because at times I couldn’t get in to work.

This week, I am going to stay at my dad up in Leicester. I need time to think and regroup about things and move forward again.

I have found the meditation app to be really helpful. I also want to try hypnotherapy for my social anxiety/ panic attacks as it really helped my Dad. I just want them to go so I can hold down work again. I have tried a lot of different techniques with them and so I think it may be time to try something new.

I am feeling grateful that I am able to cope with this, even though it can be devastating- I just want to get better and live a normal life. This is positive because I still have hope. Heres to a good week ahead!


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