On Fear.

I have been reading Elizabeth Gilberts book ‘ Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear‘. I came across a quote of hers about fear, that sums up how I am feeling at the moment.

I have also been trying to use the DARE method to stop my panic attacks, its a method where you accept and welcome the anxiety, rather than fighting it. Still learning how to implement it and it takes a lot of brain and will power to keep going with the ‘anxiety gremlins’ as I call them. Hopefully this will help me long term.

Here is the quote from Elizabeth Gilbert:

‘For the entirety of my young and skittish life, I had fixated upon my fear as if it were the most interesting thing about me, when actually it was the most mundane. In fact my fear was probably the only 100 percent mundane thing about me. I had creativity within me that was original, I had a personality that was original, I had dreams and perspectives and aspirations within me that were original. But my fear was not original in the least. My fear wasn’t some kind of rare artisanal object, it was just a mass-produced item, available on the shelves of any geoneric box store.

And that’s the thing I wanted to build my entire identity around?

The most boring instinct I possessed?

The panic reflex of my dumbest inner tadpole?

No.’ (p21, Big Magic, Creative Living without Fear, Gilbert)   

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