On Friday, 1st July, I turned 28. It was such a special birthday for me as two years ago I was too ill to celebrate and last year I was in Rome on holiday. It was the first year since 2014, that I could see my friends and loved ones on the day itself and I had a truly wonderful day. I was thoroughly spoilt by friends and family,  went out for a milkshake with my Dad, had two birthday cakes made for me and had two renditions of happy birthday ( cakes were lemon drizzle and chocolate), opened my cards and presents and had a lovely friday night dinner with my mum, step dad, sister, brother in law and his parents.

It was such a blessing- when you have known the depths of illness and despair, life is to be grabbed with both hands. I am so thankful for this birthday celebration.The night before my birthday I went to see Guys and Dolls with Katie and it was just wonderful! Such a funny, brilliant production with great casting and music.

As always, after a high I usually have about a day of a low… and this weekend I have just felt like I need to rest and rejuvenate and withdraw. I have been relaxing.

Please G-d the year ahead should be happy and healthy and more stable in terms of my health and work consistency.

Reflecting on a truly memorable birthday 🙂




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