My Storm Clouds shall fade to Wisps.

In the same journal from 2011, I found a poem I had written about living life with the instability of depression and constant emotion. It is so interesting for me to look back on and I wanted to share this with you, to raise awareness of what it is like to go through despair, instability and the low feelings of depression or any hardship.

Thank God, I am now much better. This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine. I will also create a poetry page at the top to collate all my poems together. I hope this poem can help others if they are going through similar emotions or if they just want to understand a friend or loved one.

My Storm Clouds Shall Fade to Wisps-  (written 1st March 2011)
Woken up
Like the sky is going to crash
Like the sea is there to swallow me
Surges of emotions like the waves
Rocking my once calm and serene boat
This morning I am stormy
Maybe this evening I will be still
As a bird asleep in its mothers nest
Protected and warm
I will be tranquil
Teardrops shall not fall
I will be at peace
My storm clouds shall fade to wisps.              


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