A Dream come true…

For those of you following my blog and my facebook updates, you will know that last week I had a blog published online by the charity Rethink Mental Illness. I had wanted to speak out with charities for the longest time, and I remember feeling suicidally depressed and thinking ‘If only I could start a helpline or reach out to others through a charity to tell people you can get better.’

A month ago, I reached out to various mental health charities about blogging for them, and Rethink responded. So far, since my post went up on Friday it has had over 200 likes and 44 shares, some by mental health charities/organisations, it has reached 16,300 ish people online (which is just insane). It has been successful and it makes it so worthwhile when people respond positively.

The most important part for me was when a lady and Mum here in ¬†the UK reached out to me to say her 16 year old daughter was depressed and suicidal and that she showed her my article to say, ‘there is hope’. For me, knowing that my article can help others makes it an absolute dream come true. I was 16 when it all started for me.

Rethink have asked me to write more for them. I am just so so happy that I am making even a tiny difference and I have kept a log of all the positive comments to look back on. Thank you everyone who has been so supportive.

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