Working in a job with bipolar/ anxiety

This week has been really good for me in terms of work consistency. I feel comfortable and settled and have been in to work every day. I know where to ask for support when I need it as well, which is wonderful.

However, in the past I have had a lot of days off due to stress at work impacting and increasing my anxiety. This means I wake  up in the morning and don’t go in as something has thrown me- whether a person or difficult work environment. Tiredness can also be a big problem as it can make me feel overwhelmed. However, in this post as I am working part time with two boys with high functioning autism, I realise how much they need me to be in, to be consistent and  I am actually enjoying what I am doing and really like the school.

It is not easy to maintain work consistency when you are bipolar. My medicines stopped working when I was about 22/23 leading to many episodes of depression and then mania, when I was hospitalised two years ago and subsequently stabilised. This meant a year and a half off of work and claiming benefits- Employment Support Allowance.

I am so thankful I am fit to work and that my mood stabilising medications enable me to live a normal fulfilling life. No one knows when my next episode will be, but the medication, therapy and family support I have make such a big difference that I am praying it will be less severe over time.

Looking forward to a happy and restful weekend!

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