When all is so busy…

This past week and a half has been very hectic as I was at work every day (5 days part time) and I dealt with it really well. I am loving what I am doing which really helps me able to maintain consistency and I know the children need me.

We have now broken up for the Passover holidays and the children played games on their last day which was fun. I am really pleased I have been able to be at work and not get anxiety attacks. Yesterday, I went on a course about emotional literacy for children with autism. It was an intensive 6 hour training course on autistic child development and strategies we can implement in the classroom. I met some nice people and I didn’t panic- result!

I also went to the hair dresser to get my hair cut and coloured before Passover and today after my Passover cleaning (bedroom must be completely cleaned free from any food and wheat products), I am going to have a pampering afternoon with my best friend. I never get my nails done or have massages and both of us really need it! She is a Dr and often on night shifts……:) So looking forward!

As well as all that, this week I had to meet with a Dr from occupational health for work, to discuss my bipolar and anxiety. My mum came with to support me and even though I hate talking about it, it wasn’t so bad because I had had an interview in my last role and they had my information.

I also went to meet my friends new baby boy Jackson last week. He is gorgeous !

So achieved a lot this week so far. This weekend we have family and friends to us to celebrate Passover (Pesach in hebrew). We have the Pesach seder where we re tell the story of the Exodus and there is frantic cooking and cleaning as all crockery and cutlery must be changed over for Passover. We can’t have any ‘chametz’ (wheat products) in the house and can only have special Pesach food.

My anxiety is easing at the minute which is fab however, it will come back at some point but for now life is good and the sun is shining.

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