Healing my soul.

I feel that with this blog, I need to be really honest with how I am doing. The past week has not been the best for me, with an increase in my anxiety. I had a panic attack this morning as was meant to go back to work after a holiday. I love my job but I spent the night before tossing and turning with increased anxious thoughts, about the change of routine.

The sun is shining today and I am doing things to keep calm and hopefully heal and nurture my soul.

I have been reading ‘A Year of Yes’ by Shonda Rhimes (creator of Greys Anatomy), as well as re reading ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.. one of my favourite books. I also find that breathing slowly, listening to music and colouring all help too.

I am annoyed at myself for getting anxious but please g-d, things will start to improve again. I must remain positive because lovely events are coming- my cousins wedding is this weekend coming!

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