Starting over.

Its been about 2 weeks now since I left my new job in the primary school to work for my Dad as his PA in his new radio station company. I find it much easier to manage my anxiety when I can work freelance and independently at home and I find that I can take breaks when I need to- and work when I can, which is more helpful for my health currently

It is a shame because I was hoping to be a teacher, but I have to take time out to heal myself and get myself fully well. The work I am doing for my Dad is probably temporary but it currently suits us both and I am enjoying it. Other than that, I have been seeing my friends and trying to tackle each day with positivity.

This year has been a major journey of self discovery and I hope that I will be able to build a career in the field I choose and not get morning panic attacks as severely. Hence, why for the moment I am taking a break from teaching to heal my anxiety.

In terms of therapy, I am thinking about doing the Linden Method home learning program to help my panic. I certainly am feeling a lot better but still get anxious from time to time about social arrangements.

Heres to starting over- new beginnings.

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