Why Privacy is Critical for our Mental Health.

(image: Unsplash)

Humans don’t always want to let the world in to every aspect of their lives. Instead, they want to keep some things to themselves. They want a small corner of their lives that is their own – and only theirs. 

Unfortunately, modern society works against our desire for privacy. Despite all the data protection laws out there, it’s almost impossible to prevent yourself from being watched and recorded, especially if you live in a large city. Plus, you continually have to hand over information about yourself to various authorities to help them. 

Our society can create a new set of mental health issues for the modern world due to mass surveillance or exposure on social media. Mass surveillance is putting people’s lives on display, both in the physical and digital world.. But what can we realistically do about it?

Here are some ideas. 

Find Out Who Is Allowed To View Your Personal Information

Some institutions and organizations have the legal right to know your personal information. However, many companies and private businesses do not. For instance, you don’t have to hand over all your personal information and details to Facebook or other social media sites. Learning who has a right to your information and who doesn’t is a great way to reduce surveillance and increase your feelings of privacy, if you require it.

Take Mail Online

You don’t have to hand out your real address to marketers. Instead, you can provide them with a separate virtual address and then view your mail using a web virtual PO box. This way, you can stop companies knowing precisely where you live and continually sending you information on the post. 

Limit Or Eliminate Social Media Usage

Social media collects more data about you than anything else. It’s a good idea, therefore, to limit your usage of these platforms, if lack of privacy is a worry for you.

Review Your Privacy Settings

In many countries, data privacy laws mean that software companies must provide you with privacy options that work. Learn where you can locate these settings and then change them so that you can’t be tracked.

Make Friends Outside Of Social Media

Twenty years ago, virtually nobody was on social media. Everyone made friends outside of networking platforms. But these days, it can feel hard to do this. Making friends outside of social media, however, is great for both privacy and improving your mental health. You meet people in real life and get a realistic impression about what their lives are like. You’re also communicating in person which is fundamentally different from doing it online where you have less context. 

Being tracked by apps or society all the time can cause feelings of anxiety. . Fortunately, you can take some steps to limit your exposure and keep your life private if you wish. If you’re struggling to cope, find a health provider that can assist you and protect your privacy at the same time. 

There are ways to help your anxiety and learn to cope better with the modern world. Therapy can help a lot, so reach out for help from your GP or psychiatrist.

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