As Christmas and Chanukah Approaches…

Its that time of year again and I can already feel my body winding down as the days get shorter and all I want is to rest. So I am going to listen to my body and rest properly.

I am always worrying about my readers- whether I have posted enough, shared enough, been reached wide enough and so I have decided merely to stop worrying and just say this. Thank you- with so much gratitude for reading Be Ur Own Light from your part of the world. I can’t tell you how amazing it has been for me to add a new country to my Reader list and to see it being read in different continents and time zones, makes this all worthwhile.

Thank you too for leaving positive comments on my posts and for the general support of you all. I am feeling very tired and lethargic of late, which is a sign I have been working too hard in general. I am looking forward to a nice little break as Christmas approaches.

This year, the festival I celebrate, Chanukah falls on the same day as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day etc. So I will be lighting my Chanukah candles, eating traditional foods and spending relaxed evenings with friends and family.

Its been a life changing few months for me- career wise and personally. Life has changed so much for the better since this time last year and I just hope it continues!

I send my love to you wherever you are.


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