A Personal Note and Festive Appeal

I can’t believe that its so very nearly the end of 2016! So many things have happened this year and it has been a remarkable year in so many ways.

Its hard to believe that only 2 and a half years ago, I was living on a hospital ward for 4 months receiving treatment for a bipolar manic episode that included psychosis, delusions and mania. I wasn’t well enough to be back at home for a long time and it was a turbulent process that ripped my whole world apart- I was only 25 and it had come out of the blue.

I look back and think that it has made me stronger and made me totally appreciate life and medication and support networks when I am well. It has meant  I can help others through my blogging and advocacy work and that I can have a better understanding of my own brain. I hope one day there will be more funded research into bipolar.

As it is almost Christmas and Chanukah, I just wanted to highlight Be Ur Own Lights Festive Appeal for Jami (Jewish Association for Mental Illness). Jami are a small charity operating to help people in the UK Jewish Community. I fundraise for them to help their services including day centres, hospital visits, work programmes and befriending. They are on the front line of battling stigma.

Please give whatever you can to the charity to help fulfill their incredible work. Without Jami, life would be a whole lot harder for so many.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Festive period.

To donate just click on this just giving link and follow the instructions:

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