What Tools Go Into Substance Abuse Treatment by Kara Masterson

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When you’ve developed an addiction to a specific drug or substance, it takes a lot of work to break that addiction. While there are those out there who can use a “cold turkey” approach to addiction, most people have to put in a significant amount of work in order to even begin experiencing healing.

Thankfully, that work comes with tools that can serve people in other areas of their lives. If you’ve been suffering from a substance abuse problem, consider some of the incredible tools that go into helping a person experience a better life.

Replacement Methods

While the cold turkey method works for some people, it often doesn’t work for the rest because they’ll simply hit a point where they either relapse or replace it with something just as harmful. For example, there are people who were able to break a drug habit but the replacement was that they started to overeat instead. Overeating is harmful in its own way as it can lead to different health problems such as obesity and chronic diseases. When you get professional treatments, you’re able to learn how to break a bad addiction and replace it with constructive hobbies and habits.

Professional Therapy

One of the worst things you can do is try to turn a friend or family member into your personal therapist. Their logic is only going to get you so far when you’re trying to beat an addiction. When you’re committed to getting professional substance abuse treatment, you’ll be able to sit and talk with therapists. When a professional has a specialization in treatment for substance abuse, they’re able to recognize signs and symptoms that need to be addressed in order to gain a better approach to your healing journey, along with an insight into methods that are more likely to help you cope with things like detox, cravings, and the specific stressors or triggers that turned you towards drugs in the first place.


Self-awareness is so important for each person to have. When you’re aware of yourself, you’ll be able to recognize how much you can handle something. You’ll be able to recognize where you need to course-correct. When you’re working through an addiction treatment program, self-awareness development is an incredible tool because it shows you what needs healing, how you’ve coped with trauma, and more. When you’re aware of yourself, you’ll position yourself to make better choices.

You’ll have to maintain a level of self-discipline that most don’t really want to exert. Think about the millions of people who lose weight. When you’re overweight and stuck on a plateau, weight loss seems impossible. However, if you look at the many testimonials and people who’ve lost weight, you know that it is possible. Use this same logic for your journey through a substance abuse addiction. It is more than possible. Look for examples of people who fought their addiction and won. Use their stories as tools to help you keep going. With this goal, you can dedicate your time to the process, use these tools, and experience a better life. Be kind to yourself and keep going!

This article was written by Kara Masterson.


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