Guest Post: Quite Great- Psychotherapy to combat stress in the Music Industry.


Todays guest post is by Quite Great and Helen Brice, psychotherapist and music industry professional.

Music PR and Marketing Company, Quite Great, has formed a unique partnership to help musicians overcome the day to day stresses and strains of the music industry. By teaming up with Helen Brice, a specialist psychotherapist and skills coach, the pioneering PR company has introduced a new psychotherapy service.

 Quite Great have twenty years experience working with musicians of all styles, from all over the world. During this time they have developed an exceptional understanding of musicians and the challenges they face – from the emotional strains of building a career, to the psychological issues that can be developed as fame grows.

Specialist psychotherapist, Helen Brice, has over twenty years experience in the music industry; covering music arrangement, performance, audio production, publishing, artist management and A&R. She is a music graduate and regularly performs in the UK and overseas with the London Bulgarian Choir and the BBC Symphony Chorus. As an active musician Helen has a unique attunement to the pressures and psychological issues that musicians encounter – making her the perfect person to head up the new service.

As Pete Bassett, founder of Quite Great, elaborates: “Every recording artist and performer of music has to have at least two sides to their personality in order to really reach the heights that they wish to achieve. As they go through each stage in their musical career they have to deal with many pressures – from demands made on them by managers, labels and agents, through to handling being ‘dropped’ by labels, and at times, coming to terms with the fact that their popularity is diminishing.”

“These differing stages,” he continues, “can cause real emotional turmoil needing a specialist approach to be taken. There are also other more straight forward challenges that musicians need help with, for example how to overcome ‘stage fright’, and how to build the confidence and thick skin required to face media reviews and online critics. In order to believe they can overcome all problems to become a star, musicians need the self assuredness of an Olympic athlete!”

Helen Brice, (UKCP, MUPCA Accred, MBACP, FRSA) founded Stimmung Therapy Services in 2009 at Harley Street, and receives referrals and enquiries relating to her specialist psychotherapy and skills coaching from all over the world. Helen offers complete flexibility for appointments at her central London practice, as well as via Skype – perfect  for the working lifestyle of musicians and performers. A service unique to Stimmung is emergency onsite psychotherapy and coaching for performance anxiety. This would be backstage at the performance venue, or off set at a live broadcast, or even at the recording studio.

By combining their expertise, Quite Great and Helen Brice, are offering a distinct psychotherapy service that will make a huge difference to both the personal lives of musicians and their careers. For more information, please visit or contact


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