Words Save Lives- Jessicas Story for NHS Organ Donation: Waiting for Kev

Today is a slightly different post than normal, but just as important. My friend Jess writes a blog called Waiting for Kevin and has recorded this video to get people to sign up to the NHS Organ Donation register .

Who is Kevin I hear you ask? Kevin is the name of Jess’s new kidney, one she is waiting for in hospital while on dialysis (a machine that helps with kidney function- to keep you well). Jess was diagnosed with diabetes as a teenager and found out she would need an organ transplant last year.

She dreams of working, getting a pet, travelling, living life to the full– things most of us take for granted. Jess is only 30 and she is the most amazing, strong, wonderful human being- I am proud to be her friend.

Understandably, physical health issues can also impact on our mental health too and that is why I am sharing this. In the video, you will see that Jess’s incredible art works, help her when she is waiting around in hospital and she is incredibly talented.

So please watch and share this video and blog and if you can and live in the UK- sign up to the Organ Donation Register.

Jess is on Twitter @waitingforkev where you can find her blog too. She has previously commented on this issue on major radio stations and on BBC Breakfast TV. 

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