From Depression to Light: Life Lessons

For those who are new readers or don’t really know, I have been journalling for a long time- maybe since the age of 14 on and off. I have always sought to write and get my feelings down on paper. I was looking through some boxes the other day and came across the following ‘Future letter to myself’ from September 2010. I was 22 and reflecting on life and the journey I had been on from being diagnosed bipolar at 16, to falling in love and having my heart broken and travelling around the world. I had also been struggling with anxiety for a long time.

This ‘I have learnt’ list was partly inspired by the introduction to singer India Aries album ‘Love and Relationships’. The words are my own. I hope if you are feeling sad or if you are contemplating things in your own life that these words give you strength.

A letter to my future self, I have learnt (From 2010)

‘Dear future me

I sit here as a woman who has survived trauma and illness, travelled to 3 continents and got a university degree. I sit here as a woman who has survived a severely broken heart.

I have learnt that love is not enough.

I have learnt that just because everyone else does something doesn’t mean I have to.

I have learnt that I have inner reserves of strength.

I have learnt that a supportive family or network is everything.

I have learnt that loneliness is painful- but is part of life experience.

I have learnt that life is joy and pain and mundanity.

I have learnt that some people are meant to leave your life physically but leave an impression on your heart.

I have learnt that facing life takes a lot of courage.

I have learnt that we need the love of others. A person is not a person without other people.

I have learnt to assess character.

I have learnt not to fall too easily.

I have learnt that having a shattered heart or mind is painful but not the end.

I have learnt that the mind is incredibly powerful and we have to learn to master it.

I have learnt that food is good.

I have learnt that fears are blessings because by pushing through them we grow.

I have learnt about the power of the soul.

Be strong. Believe even at your saddest moments.


19 thoughts on “From Depression to Light: Life Lessons

      1. I’m trying to embody the idea of grit. I watched a great TED talk on it. But my tendency to avoid triggering situations is really high, and more often than not I give myself excuses to not challenge them.

        But I’m certainly trying. Thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂 I’m finding that reading through other peoples blogs is helpful for keeping my own focus and determination.


      2. I also have the same problem with avoidance.But I think the best thing to do is do more gradually and when you feel able.

        Im so pleased this post helped you. I also find reading others posts helpful. Thanks for leaving me a comment and kind words xx

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      1. You’re welcome. I always ask bloggers first before I reblog and I was really pleased that you said yes 🤗😊 *jazz hands*

        Liked by 1 person

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