Gratitude to you: with thanks

Recently I have been having the opportunity to grow my little blog here and it is amazingly being read around the world. From the UK to Israel, The USA and Canada to Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain,  Norway, Finland, Croatia, Monaco, Indonesia, India, Peru, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, Uruguay, Nigeria and Sudan.. I am amazed each day by where people are reading from and I am so so thankful. I write this not to brag but just because its so wonderful for me to reach people from different cultures. 🙂

We now have almost 60 dedicated WordPress followers, over 1,000 followers on Twitter, almost 700 in Instagram and 130 of my close friends and family on Facebook. This week, inspirational acid attack survivor Katie Piper liked one of our posts on Instagram about positive affirmation which was incredibly exciting!

We hope to grow the blog to spread light around the world for those suffering with mental health issues. I love receiving your supportive comments and sharing in online conversations with you all.

Today I am feeling so happy and thank you for engaging. I am also excited to announce a blog collaboration with Counsellors Cafe UK website, which will hopefully be posted in the next few weeks  and  Jewish Association of Mental Illness, who may be using my blog posts in the new year.

I am also thankful to Louie Rethink Mental Illness and Tim at Time to Change for getting me published before I even started publicising my blog.

With love xxxthankyou1

12 thoughts on “Gratitude to you: with thanks

  1. Congratulations! You’re doing so well! I’m so impressed you managed to get work published for those charities too, awesome 💪❤ I live in the UK and want to develop my writing beyond blogging somehow. Well done! 😁

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      1. Really? It’s that simple? Cool 😊 I haven’t written much this week and vlogged instead as I’ve been in crisis and lacking brain cells, but there’s nothing I like to do more than write about mental health 😊 hugs and thanks for the advice X Summer

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      2. Yes it was fairly simple for me, they like to see you are passionate.

        Im sorry youve been in crisis but sending you a big hug 🙂 Id love to see your vlogs.. send me the link?


      3. If you go on my ‘about’ page on my blog, there is a link to my YouTube channel. I’ve only recently started doing them. They’re unprofessional but authentic 😂🙄😊

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    1. It is just wonderful. Ive been blogging since March but only started really publicising in the past few months.

      Welcome and so happy to have you here. Look forward to reading your posts too x


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