Coronavirus Anxiety: Self Isolation by Eleanor


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Hi friends,

Those of you who follow me on social media will be aware that due to fatigue, a non persistent dry cough and feeling warm/sweaty (but no full blown fever thank God), I am self isolating at home for 2 weeks as a precaution.

I am doing alright today, slept a lot as had little energy and had chicken soup and Paracetemol. It is very unlikely I have Covid 19, probably just another virus but due to the current climate, I am taking precautions. I also have a surgical face mask which I am wearing to protect my husband, mum and step dad, in case it is anything more sinister. I have friends who are also self isolating and who are NHS front life staff that I am worried about.

In truth, this kind of isolation is something I am used to as with my anxiety I work from home. However, this is an unprecedented situation and one that we have never seen before in our life time. It is scary and the news feeds can cause anxiety.

I have decided that :

1)I will limit how often I check the news about coronavirus and will try not to listen to LBC overnight- I love LBC but I think this is best as there is rolling news coverage.

2) I will increase self care, rest and relaxation time- in order to stay sane, this may mean getting fresh air in our garden.

3) I will take each day as it comes and do as much as I can while in isolation.

4) Get enough sleep and eat healthily

5) Stay in touch with friends


What are you doing to manage your anxiety around coronavirus?    


Eleanor x

17 thoughts on “Coronavirus Anxiety: Self Isolation by Eleanor

  1. Take care Eleanor in difficult times.
    I returned from The Gambia where there were no cases of covid 19 Monday morning after balancing probabilities of staying until scheduled departure date 6 April. There has since been one case reported and she is reported to be having treatment at the Medical Research Council there. All schools have closed. I am so glad I am home but cannot believe how advice changes from day to day.
    I have just clarified with 111 that, although I have the flu jab bipolar disorder & allergies are not underlying conditions to self isolate for 4 months. I suspected my surgery had continued giving it to me under ‘carer’ category but wondered about the bipolar. I am so glad to know where I stand.
    Hope you are feeling better soon & good to have a plan during your period of self isolation.
    Take care ❤️

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  2. Take care of yourself.
    As for me it’s maple syrup season. I’m slogging through the bush hauling record amounts of sap to my evaporator. Then spending hours boiling the sap. It’s a blessing spending most of my day focused on getting my liquid gold bottled. Hopefully 120 litres by the time I’m done.
    Beets going stir crazy through self isolation.


  3. I’m just catching up on posts from my feed – sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. Hope you’re feeling better now! I totally agree with the avoiding the news, it really doesn’t help with the anxiety does it? I’m trying to limit social media too as all the clickbait/conspiracy theories aren’t helping either! x

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