Three Years of My Book ‘Bring Me To Light: Embracing My Bipolar and Social Anxiety’ by Eleanor

💜 Three years 💜

Three years ago my book ‘Bring me to Light: Embracing my Bipolar and Social Anxiety ‘was published by Trigger and Welbeck Publishing Group💜

I hope that by sharing my story (and my Dads too) that it helps you or someone you know going through mental illness. I hope that it shone a light on the dark, gritty parts of bipolar that many will never experience. And I hope that my book also shows the happy parts; recovery, that you can live and thrive again.

Bipolar is a complex and messy condition. It can ruin lives. There is no sugar coating. But you can be well too if you can find the right balance of medication and therapy…which is trial and error.

Thank you to every person who read it, reviewed it and got in touch to tell me their own journey.😍 Please continue to share and gift it to someone who needs it.

If you havnt read my story yet; the book is available in Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smith; Blackwells and is available in the USA and Europe.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me – it means the world.

Click here to get yours :


5 thoughts on “Three Years of My Book ‘Bring Me To Light: Embracing My Bipolar and Social Anxiety’ by Eleanor

  1. Hi Eleanor, I do not know if you remember me but I have met you at the aj6 madrichim social in 2010s anyway the reason I am writing is that I read you book after I came out of hospital in 2018 and my mum gave me a recommendation of the book. It really helped me and I gave a copy to my dad to read and he understood my illness a little bit more. My diagnosis is Schizoaffective disorder. I just wanted to send you good and positivity in your life and say thank you to you. Sam Barth

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    1. Hi Sam, thanks so much for coming here and telling me your story. I do remember you from aj6! i am so pleased that it helped you and your dad. That is why i wrote it and makes me so happy it helped you and your family. Thank you, I hope that you are doing well and in recovery- remember that you are never alone! I so appreciate your message! Do keep in touch 🙂


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