Dealing with Life Stress: For Mental Health by Eleanor


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Hi friends,

I have needed to write this blog for a while, where do I begin?

A few weeks ago, my father in law to be was taken to hospital with a rare form of pneumonia, caused by a weak immune system due to his cancer treatment. He was very ill and on oxygen as he couldn’t breathe. Thankfully very strong antibiotics were pumped into him and the infection is going and hes now off the oxygen . However, he is still in hospital on a feeding tube and slowly recovering from a bout of confusion (caused by low sodium levels).

This has been really upsetting and stressful for all involved, but we’ve had an amazing amount of support- with food, prayers, charity donations and hospital visits. Its been hard for me as the hospital is not near my home too.

We now have 2 months to go to the wedding and I am super excited but also worried- we really want my father in law to be there with us and well on the day so praying hard.

I start a new job on Tuesday in PR and Communications but will still write and blog on the side. I am also writing my book currently and am on deadline, so its all go here!

My anxiety levels are high in the mornings at the moment, I had chest pains this morning from stress and I am needing to take time for me and relax when I can. I think its because of everything happening all at once and so much to do for the book, wedding and so much change happening.

I do not like change but sometimes change is vital for us to grow.

I could do with a spa day though and some deep breathing exercises, meditation and general management of life stress. I am juggling a lot- and needing a break really.

How do you manage when life stressors become too much?


Eleanor xxx


5 thoughts on “Dealing with Life Stress: For Mental Health by Eleanor

  1. Hi Eleanor, I’m so sorry to hear about your father in law and will be hoping he can attend your wedding too. It sounds like a lot of stress with planning your wedding too and starting a new job, so I think it’s natural you’re anxious. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing though and if you get negative thoughts, maybe try writing them down and thinking of something more positive? This helps me a little when I’m anxious and overthinking situations like starting something new. Wishing you well xx

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      1. You’re welcome. I should have added too, as someone with anxiety too I find it helpful to have a stressball on hand, and to try focusing on my breathing if I’m really anxious. Do some deep breaths and focus on breath if it helps and will be wishing you luck xx

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  2. “I do not like change but sometimes change is vital for us to grow.” This line hit me hard. It is so true. I struggle with anxiety, too. This might not be a suggestion as much as a recommendation, but 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs has helped me face my daily anxieties with more confidence. It is a daily devotional type book that I would highly recommend to anyone with anxiety and stress. Hopefully life is going a little smoother now. 🙂


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