Autumn leaves and Mental Health tales. (by founder Eleanor)



I wanted to write this blog today because I have been reflecting. Over the years, I have come to really love the Autumn (Fall) season, despite being born in summer. Its cosy and calming at times, however these months can bring on some anxiety again for me.

I think that we are all human and are affected by the changing seasons. I know that my bipolar goes in phases, but is largely controlled and stabilised by medicines. However, sometimes hormones can make me feel lower at times of the month or life events can make you feel a bit sadder than normal, and in some cases, provoke depression.

My anxiety arrives in the form of morning panic and I can find it harder to do certain tasks. However, I am lucky that I am not depressed currently but the anxious thoughts are getting worse again.

I will worry about being around crowds, travelling far or socialising en masse with people I havn’t seen for a while. I live within a community where we all gather together for religious festivals and it can be harder to do this when I am more anxious. I particularly find early mornings hard- and don’t want to leave the house before 10am usually!

Working from home is both a blessing as I can work my own hours but I go out less. I am really trying to work on going out more- even down the road, especially before it gets too cold and dark.

Despite the increase in anxiety in the past few days, I am feeling thankful. There are so many good things to look forward to. There are so many exciting projects I can be a part of. When one door closes, I know that another will open.

I am still writing my book, still running my blog and have some articles being published soon. I also do social media management. I hope that my career will continue to diversify and bring joy.  I also need stability and the life of a freelancer, though fulfilling at times, is never easy.

There is a lot to be grateful for- family and friends, my fiance and life- despite the fears, anxiety and catastrophising that I do at times and am trying to limit. Positive mindset is so important- I am working on it!

Autumn can make us feel sadder or more anxious, or cause other mental health symptoms.  However, like now, it can also feel comforting- as I write on my computer, sipping a cup of tea as the darkness is falling. (Is it too new age of me to use the word ‘hygge’)?

As the leaves begin to fall and the frosts come its so important we find our lights in the darkness.

How are you doing? Let me know below!



12 thoughts on “Autumn leaves and Mental Health tales. (by founder Eleanor)

  1. Wonderful post Eleanor. It’s good to hear that your bi-polar is stable and that your not depressed. Amongst other things I have bipolar type 2 and have been in hypomania for some time. The change of season is altering that, which is a relief. My motivation has dipped considerably, so I’ve had to decide to do some study each day rather than waiting for motivation.

    I relate to your increase in anxiety as well.

    Please let me know when you publish your book, if like to buy a copy. It’s a treat for me when I buy a fellow bloggers book and discover a new author.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading it. I hope the hypomania eases and sorry your motivation is low its hard when that happens.

      My book is currently being written and wont be out for a while but I am so excited you want to buy a copy so ill let you kmow when. Wont be for at least a year.

      Lots of love xxx

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  2. I get how your anxiety impacts you! Mine usually affects me the worst at night when I finally should be able to relax. Not sleeping was causing me many problems during the day! Thankfully I was able to switch to a new medication which is helping tremendously. Fall for me is one of the best times of the year. My husband and I both live the season so much we decided to get married then! I usually struggle the most come January or February when it feels like winter has been dragging on forever.

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    1. I find it hard at night too. Not always, but if I have something on the next day it can be tough.

      Ahh congratulations. It is a lovely season. Yes I also struggle, I think because its so cold and dark and you just want to hibernate 🙂

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  3. It’s funny (not funny ha ha) because for me the autumn brings about peace and stability again. I always find my mental health spiralling in the summer and I’m never in a good place, but when the mornings are crisp and clear again I find myself more able to put my head back together. Lovely, lovely post though. Hygge is the new orange!

    Cordelia ||

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