The Road to Recovery: On PTSD, Trauma and the Future… by Eleanor for Mental Health Awareness Week

Trigger Warning: sexual assault, details of assault and severe mental illness

Hi everyone,

Its been a while but I thought I would put type to keyboard and write a blog for more mental health awareness.

Since my book was published, I haven’t written many follow up personal blogs, purely because the launch of my life story into the public domain felt overwhelming and scary. 6 months on, I am used to it being out there but I have been working hard in EMDR trauma therapy to help myself.

See, the truth is that right now the Bipolar Disorder for me is stable and under control on my medicines. I still get side effects- weight gain, dry mouth and thirst, but my mind is generally healthy in terms of the Bipolar- no mania or depression. Anxiety and panic yes but Bipolar, not really at the moment.

Yet, almost lurking unseen after I left hospital in 2014 and began my recovery was the fact I was traumatised by my experiences of going into psychosis (losing touch with reality via delusions, false beliefs) and my experiences when being sectioned. I will just give an overview as the rest is in my book- but this included- being restrained, being attacked by other patients and seeing them self harm, being injected with Haloperidol (an anti psychotic) in front of both male and female nurses in a part of the body I didn’t want, being chased round A and E by security men in genuine fear of my life, dealing with lawyers and going to tribunals while ill, thinking I had been abused by family and was locked up by a criminal gang and fearing my family were against me. My bipolar mind could not cope.

Just before this all happened, I was very vulnerable and was sexually assaulted by a man I knew through friends and all of this trauma stayed with me.

I did what most of us with severe mental illness and assault survivors do- I tried to rebuild my life. I tried to work in schools helping children with special educational needs. I tried to work for a mental health charity as a peer support worker for people like me. I began to blog and write and share as therapy- from charities to national newspapers. Bit by bit, as I wrote out what I has been through, I started to slowly heal. But, the symptoms of the extreme panic remained. I lost jobs because of it. I became depressed. I started dating but I often had to cancel dates- (before I met Rob, my husband who listened to me talk about it all and didn’t bat too much of an eyelid.)

I was in a state of flux, a state of transition. I knew I had trauma still living in my brain and body. I had been physically and sexually assaulted, I had been mentally violated- I had been sectioned twice in a few months and now I was sent home to try and rebuild my life as a 25 year old single woman.

I share this important blog, not to share that I am a victim- because I am not. I want to share that I believe for about 5 years, I have been suffering with some of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). My therapist believes the same.

The panic attacks that grip me with fear before work or the day ahead when I have to leave the house. The fear of going out or travelling at night alone. The fear of being taken advantage of and having to trust men again (thank you to my husband for helping ease this pain). The fear of exploitation, of losing my mind, of not trusting mental health professionals any more.

My panic attacks get triggered by certain events- it could be having to speak about my life or book, or seeing people I don’t feel comfortable with, of feeling exposed, of worrying about others judgement. I am still healing from all I have been through and experienced. The PTSD means that I have to take medication (Propranolol) to function sometimes. It means that I experience flashbacks in my body- I feel gripped with fear, I get chest pain and shallow breathing and I start to cry. I had one the other day at 4am….. thank the lord for meds so I could calm down and sleep.

My therapist is incredible and we have been working since October to process the roots of my trauma and panic disorder. We use a combination of rapid eye processing with talking therapy which helps to tackle each and every trauma- and we are still at the tip of the iceberg. It takes time to process the deep rooted experiences in my brain- we are getting there slowly.

For me, in many ways my future is uncertain. My medicines have long term physical side effects. Motherhood will be more of a challenge due to medication and my mental health- I am still processing the choices I will have to make, which I will write in another blog.

I want to end this blog by saying- if you know someone with anxiety, PTSD, another anxiety disorder or something like bipolar or schizophrenia- Be Kind. You never know what someone has gone through.

The NHS waiting lists for help are too long, services are too underfunded- all my treatment has been private provided by my family due to being stuck on a list for years. I am lucky, not everyone is. 

I hope this blog gives some information about my experiences of PTSD since leaving hospital 6 years ago. It is by far the most personal thing I have posted since publishing my book but I hope it helps you feel less alone.

Positivity and Hope are key.  Meeting my husband and my therapist changed my life for the better as I slowly rebuild and find an equilibrium again.


Eleanor x


15 thoughts on “The Road to Recovery: On PTSD, Trauma and the Future… by Eleanor for Mental Health Awareness Week

  1. Eleanor, your story resonates with me. Similarities more than I can share with you on an open forum. But you’ve given me hope. I’m still in and out of mental health hospitals and still taking my tablets. But I’m trying to make sense of this new trauma influenced life. My attack happened in 2016. Similarly it was by someone I knew, I met online. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you. Sincerely for your honesty and thank you for your openness to discuss such a difficult subject.

    I am just beginning counselling for my attack, I too have had to pay to go privately. How do you find EDMR?

    With love,


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    1. Hi Alex, thank you so much for sharing with me. I hope you get well soon. You can do anything you want to do. EMDR is good for me so far but its emotionally draining too so you need to be ready for it…


  2. Finding ways to calm your polyvagal nerves is a key part of dealing with past trauma. As long as you find yourself going into ‘fight & flight’ mode or dorsal it is difficult to feel safe and secure. Blessings as you continue your journey of healing.

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  3. Hi Eleanor,
    Wow, sounds like an awful experience. Thank you for sharing.
    Strangely enough I was reading back through my journal 2005-2010 when I returned to Health Visiting. The small size of the journal, although formal reflective practice was part of my professional role, seemed to highlight how I had condensed such a traumatic time.
    I had recorded my private counselling sessions which helped me navigate this ‘jumping through hoops’ charade to prove competency.
    My counsellor commented several times about the trauma of my bipolar episodes and hospitalisation. E.c.t, although a miracle treatment was an addition.
    More recently events have triggered flashbacks of traumatic events before my first bipolar episode.
    Yes Eleanor although managing bipolar is a balancing act p.t.s.d is another thing to manage.
    So glad you have been able to access help with managing this.
    I wish you all the best with this and I definitely need to address this issue also.
    Take care ❤️

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      1. Thank you Eleanor, have been dipping into ‘Bring me to Light’ book. Have been using this time for further reflection, reading & self care.
        Take care 🤗

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